It's finally vacation. On Instagram we can already see how beautiful other people's holidays are. And now everyone can go out themselves. I am convinced that every vacation is “Instagramable”, angled with juice in an old jam jar, making even the most dilapidated campground look envious.

I know people who have left social media for that reason. They just got a little bit unhappy about it. If I am very honest, I also suffer from it myself. I know the images are fooling me, yet I test my own reality against the staged image of influencers and other people who have understood life much better than I have. And much younger and more handsome than I am. Fortunately, Shirley is not bothered by anything.

Actually, I am not that fond of Social Media at all. Especially because I haven't really eaten much cheese. People who only post pictures of themselves on their timeline, I don't get that. At the same time, as a starting brand you cannot escape social media. Every brand has to believe in it by now. I understood that Juventus had not bought Ronaldo (for € 100m) to win the Champions League, but because he had so many followers in China. Are you the best football player in the world (according to some) you have to rely on your followers. This way, his vanity is also rewarded. To be clear: I am not a Ronaldo fan.

Because opportunism is no stranger to us, we like to use social media to tell our target group (you) not to spend too much time on social media. I'm sure that instead of looking at Instagram how many likes you have (from people you don't know), you better get into bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your cat. 

Of course you all knew that for a long time. What most of you also know is that a set is delivered in that nice tote bag. Now this bag appears to be very “Instagramable" to be. We received a nice photo from several customers, with our bag on it. Now we like to abuse social media to promote our own brand and have therefore come up with the following action. 

The SUITE702 summer promotion

Take that fantastic tote bag on vacation, make it a fun one Instagramable photo of and post it on Instagram with # SUITE702, # SPOT702 #BedPeaceTote. Tag all your friends, family, colleagues and us. The nicest photo, which best brings the holiday Bed Peace feeling into the limelight, will receive a free set from our gift at the end of the summer. Look like that post will you be happy again.

Nice to tell you that our tote bag is made of upcycled cotton. Upcycling gives old material a new use; for example, our bag is made from old table linen. So no new cotton is grown for it. In this way, water, electricity, paint and raw materials are saved. A super bag, which is also Instagramable. What else do you want?

If you don't have a bag yet, but would like to participate in the promotion, you can also use it separately on our site to order.



Enjoy your vacation and not your smartphone.




The  Sleepy-Summer-Set offer is still going on. Until the end of July you will receive a 20% discount on this fantastic Mediterranean set made of wonderfully cool percale cotton.

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